Custom Letter Jackets


Ripon Athletic is a custom manufacturer of jackets and uniforms, Made in the U.S.A. for team sports apparel. 


We chose to work with Ripon Athletic for our letter jackets because of the choice materials for a long lasting memento. Virgin Wool and full grain leather sleeves are both durable and luxurious.

We customize letter jackets for any school and custom fit the jacket for each customer.

To custom order or schedule your fitting follow the button below to contact us. To learn more about Ripon Athletics read there story below!

B & H Renegades Custom Letter Jackets

The Tale of Two Companies

Ripon Athletic is really the story of two companies whose identities are linked together by their experience and passion for producing Made in the USA products with emphasis on Professional Quality, Product Performance and Customer Service.

Sand Knit was founded in 1921 by John Sand in Chicago, IL where is operated until 1953 when Mr. Sand relocated the business to Berlin, WI. In 1960 Sand Knit was sold and then operated as a division of Medalist Industries until 1984. Sand Knit was well known for its full line of custom athletic uniforms, award sweaters and jackets. Sand Knit products were sold through team sporting goods dealers and included man high school, collegiate and professional customers through the USA.

Henry "Hank" Derleth was with Sand Knit from 1963 to 1984. During that time, Hank worked as an assistant sales manager, manufacturing manager, general manager and eventually became President of Sand Knit and Medalist Athletic Products. In 1984, Medalist Industries sold the Sand Knit division to MacGregor Sporting Goods which continued to operate the Sand Knit plant in Berlin until 1990 when MacGregor filed for bankruptcy.

Ripon Athletic - Ripon AwardJackets, Inc. was established in 1949 by Carl Doehling in Ripon, WI. Ripon Jackets, both award and nylon, were manufactured and sold to local high schools in IL, MI and WI. In 1984, Hank Derleth joined Ripon AwardJackets as President. Soon after the company's named changed to Ripon Athletic along with their focus to expand their product offerings to include athletic uniforms. Ripon Athletic's growth in this "new" product are was aided by many former Sand Knit employees who joined Ripon Athletic over time. As the company grew and needed larger manufacturing space, Ripon Athletic moved twice. The first time in 1987 brought Ripon Athletic to Berlin, WI to a downtown facility. The second move occurred in 1992 when the company acquired all of the Sand Knit machinery and equipment along with the former Sand Knit plant in Berlin, WI.

Ripon Athletic continues to operate at this same location. Ripon Athletic, Ripon Jacket and Sand Knit products are manufactured and sold through team sporting goods dealers and include many high school, collegiate and professional customers in Japan, Europe, Canada and the U.S.A.